Saturday, January 30, 2010

Traditional 1977

In December 1977, the fifth ABBA album, ABBA The Albumwhose LP had as cover the poster of ABBA - The Movie, was released in Scandinavian countries. For this album, Frida, Benny, Björn and Agnetha did the photo session below, on Riddarholmen island, in Stockholm. 

My family has the 30 June 1979 edition of the former Brazilian magazine Manchete, which has a small article about ABBA with this picture, the first of the group I saw in my life, many years ago.

This is not only a traditional photo session, as it also shows the traditional ABBA members, in relation to their clothes: fashionable - and somewhat romantic - Frida, cool Benny, practical Agnetha and sporting Björn 

 My favorite one of the session

Cute Björn and Agnetha

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yesterday, Tuesday 26, ABBAWorld, an itinerary museum devoted to the Swedish pop group ABBA, was opened ar Earls Court, in London, England. Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus, two of the four original band members, attended the premiere of the exhibition, in which clothes, discs and musical instruments are just some of the many objects in display.

"It's unexpected, I think it is less glamorous than people predict, but it is very true to our real story", said Björn at the opening. Frida agreed: " It's very down to earth in a way I like, because that is how we started, humble people doing things we liked a lot and that ultimately led us to a huge success."

In addition to all objects of the band, the visitors of ABBAWorld can also be delighted with the purchase of articles related to ABBA, besides holografic images in 3D, with which they can sing along.

As of today, Wednesday 27, until March 28, the exhibition are going to stay in England and, then, it is going to another country, in order to bring joy for thousand of people worldwide.

Frida and Björn on the red carpet

Frida - always beautiful and sweet - posing for the picture

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simply stunning

ABBA members were really photogenic, as I commented on another of my posts. In the pictures below they were particularly nice...

Very charming photo session from 1978

Her makeup is stunning

One of my favorite Benny's pictures!

How can I resist you, Benny?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A pleasant meeting between Benny and Frida

Benny sweet to Frida - article originally published in the Dutch magazine Veronica, in 1984

The ABBA-members don't see much of each other lately. The separate members are working on solo-projects at the moment and that's why it definitely was a coincidence that three-quarters of ABBA met each other during the Platengala of the Platen-10-daagse foundation.

Benny and Frida greeted each other very exuberantly and by doing that, they indicated that the divorce between Frida and Benny was an amicable one. Benny was even excessively sweet to Frida. Does this mean a reconciliation between the two ABBA-members?

We asked Björn. He said: "Benny and Frida are getting along really well lately. Still, I don't believe they will ever get back together again. Just like I would never remarry Agnetha".


Benny doce com Frida - artigo originalmente publicado na revista holandesa Veronica, em 1984

Os membros do ABBA não têm se visto muito ultimamente. Os integrantes, separados, estão trabalhando em projetos solo, no momento, e é por isso que, definitivamente, foi uma coincidência três dos quatro membros do grupo encontrarem-se durante o Platengala do 10º aniversário da fundação do Platen.

Benny e Frida cumprimentaram-se de maneira exuberante e, fazendo isso, indicaram que seu divórcio foi amigável. Benny estava mesmo excessivamente doce com Frida. Será que isso significa uma reconciliação entre os dois integrantes do ABBA?

Indagamos Björn. Ele disse: "Benny e Frida estão se dando muito bem ultimamente. Ainda assim, eu não acredito que eles voltem um com o outro. Bem como eu nunca me casaria de novo com Agnetha".

Text in English from ABBA The Articles Blog

Sunday, January 17, 2010

At Polar Studios, in 1978

The pictures below were taken shortly after Polar Studios's inauguration, in 1978, and our adorable group took the opportunity to play a little! 

Oh, isn't it romantic?
Björn seems in love with the confident Agnetha; Benny, on the other hand, reminds me of Mr. Darcy here, while he's declaring his love for his beloved Frida, who are looking at him with an intense disdain - just like Elizabeth Bennet!
Who has read Pride and Prejudice will know what I mean...

Now the girls are kneeling in front of the boys - Frida's finally redeemed to her Benny!
On the other hand, Björn's looking like he's indifferent to Anna!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Classic ABBA

This is one of the most classic ABBA sessions, done in 1976.

Frida's classic beauty is standing out here

"Hum, what's this? A letter?"

The girls and their lovely dresses!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lost In Your Eyes

I made a video that YouTube hasn't accepted, due to the copyright of its audio. So I'm sharing it here, so that you can watch my newest tribute to Benny & Frida. It presents Lost In Your Eyes, a nice song from the late 1980s by Debbie Gibson. Hope you like it!