Thursday, February 16, 2012

Because Valentine's Day is everyday

If you liked the post I made for Valentine's Day, you may also like this one with Benny and Frida's even rarer pictures. After all, if everyday is a Valentine's Day, everyday should also be a Benny and Frida's love celebration.

Benny and Frida at the premiere of Bond in 1971
Notice it is not a James Bond movie, but a cigarette brand!

Most of ABBA fans may know this lovely picture...

... but what about this one, even better?!
They're looking so relaxed and amused here!

Posing for a photo in 1975
I like the way Benny was always bonded to Frida 

Benny and Frida enjoying the sun by the pool in 1976
Note that Frida has a band-aid on her chest!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's celebrate love!

Guess what?! This is Valentine's Day

To celebrate this, I'm bringing you some quite unusual Benny and Frida's pictures, in which this ABBA couple were enjoying a really good time together. 

The couple in the early 1970s

Benny and Frida singing - and almost kissing each other - during a concert from ABBA 1977 Tour

Enjoying their free time in 1978
This one is specially lovely, although its size and quality aren't very good...

Even though they were close to their divorce at that time, they did seem really lovely here...
Thanks to Karine, from ABBA Joy, for this picture

A joyful couple in another picture from 1980

This one was taken in late 1980... it's still a great memory, though

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four individuals

The pictures below are part of a very well-known ABBA photo shoot. The group members look specially nice and elegant in it, and - what is even more curious - there are lots of individual shots of them. Since those individual pictures are the ones I like most, I'm posting here my favorites of this sort. Enjoy!  

Frida and her classic beauty

Benny looking very serious 
Or would it be his "boy charm", as Frida used to say?

Agnetha using her seductiveness as usual

Björn with an indefinite expression, which seems worried and absent-minded at the same time