Sunday, August 29, 2010

One year old!

On August 29, 2009, I did my first post, ABBA through the years, starting my blog. At that time, I didn't imagine that my tribute to ABBA would become as well-known and appreciated as it has become. So, I would like to thank to all my friends, followers and visitors, without whom this work wouldn't have pursued.

Many thanks and lots of love to everybody!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Romance on the Vallentuna's streets

In my opinion, the magazine Bravo was responsible for the best ABBA photo shoots. And also for some of Benny and Frida's, as the pictures below show, in which this ABBA couple enjoys the meaning of love playing on the Vallentuna's streets, in 1974.

I must say I definetely love these photos. What about you?  

"You're every step I make..."

The couple are playing like children

Benny: "Look at that, love!"

Frida's joking with her beloved man...

... and Benny is doing the same

Aw, love...

"Oh, Frida, I love your kisses, but stop a little bit now..."

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

41 years ago...

... Benny and Frida got engaged!

As I did a video for them some days ago, I decided to show it here, as a tribute to this special day of this big love.

Benny and Frida - Endless Love

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frida taking care of Agnetha

Until the baby had arrived... Frida won't let Anna out of her sight for a minute! - Article originally published in the magazine Popshop, in 1977

Every now and then, Anna and Frida argue about nothing, after all they are only people of flesh and blood. But when something important is going on, the two beauties of ABBA become a united front. For instance, now that Agnetha is expecting her second baby, Frida won't let her out of her side for a minute.

"At moments like this, there are certain things that can better be dealt with by a friend than a husband," according to Frida. "When I was pregnant myself, I loved to chat about baby clothes and things like that. Men usually dislike things like that, they don't think it's important enough. And then there's also the fact that Björn and Benny are often away from home, to try out new songs in the studio. I don’t want to leave Anna alone, I help her out as much as I can with the dishes and things like that. Because the nanny has made use of this quiet period to take a leave of absence. No, let the people do their talking that Anna and I can’t stand each other, we know better than that...”

Anna herself is over the moon. She is now taking prenatal turn exercises. “Every day a nurse comes to my home, that helps me to do all kinds of exercises. I don’t want any painkillers when I’m giving birth, I want to do everything as natural as possible. It may be old fashioned, but I don’t care about that...”


Até o bebê chegar... Frida não deixará Anna sair de seu lado um minuto sequer! - Artigo originalmente publicado na revista Popshop, em 1977

De vez em quando, Anna e Frida discutem por nada, afinal, elas são pessoas de carne e osso. Contudo, quando algo de importante está acontecendo, as duas beldades do ABBA tornam-se uma frente unida. Agora que Agnetha está esperando seu segundo filho, por exemplo, Frida não permitirá que ela saia um minuto sequer de seu lado.

"Em momentos como este, há coisas que podem ser melhor tratadas com um amiga do que com um marido," afirma Frida. "Quando grávida, eu adorava conversar sobre roupas de bebê e coisas do gênero. Os homens geralmente não gostam disso, pois não consideram esses assuntos muito importantes. E há também o fato de Björn e Benny estarem frequentemente longe de casa, experimentando novas canções no estúdio. Dessa forma, não quero deixar Anna sozinha; auxilio-na tanto quanto posso com pratos e coisas do tipo, também porque a babá aproveitou esse período para descansar. Assim, deixemos as pessoas falarem que eu e Anna não nos damos bem, pois entendemos muito mais disso do que elas..."

Anna está nas nuvens, já que agora tem se dedicado aos exercícios do pré-natal. "Todo dia uma enfermeira vem a minha casa ajudar-me a fazer vários tipos de exercícios. Não quero tomar qualquer analgésico quando der à luz; quero fazer tudo da forma mais natural possível. Pode ser antiquado, mas não me importo..."

Text in English from ABBA The Articles Blog

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's wonderful to share everything

According to Benny, at the ABBA time, he couldn't stand no one who was not able to do anything with him, including traveling around the world, while he was working. Because of this, "it was wonderful to share everything with Frida". 

I realized that everything was, indeed, everything. Take a look at the pictures below and you will understand what I mean.

Hummm, Frida's wearing a very nice coat, isn't?

Ah, but who is wearing this coat now?

Benny liked so much this coat that he wore it on One Man, One Woman music clip
The question now is: Whose coat was that, Benny's or Frida's?
Or did they buy it for both of them?
It doesn't matter - for them it was wonderful to share everything!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's laugh a little more

A Let's laugh's continuation, with more ABBA pretty funny pictures. Enjoy!
What a video transition can do...
Frida: "Stop with this, Agnetha!"

Look at Benny's face!
"Love is in the air..."
Thanks for this picture, dear Andrea!

Benny: "What?! Are you already taking the picture?! I haven't even combed my hair!"
Agnetha: "You are so slow, Benny..."

Frida: "I'm so hungry!"

And again!

Benny (thinking): "Won't you eat all my ice-cream, will you?!"

Frida: "I'm so tired..."
Agnetha: "I'm SOOO sleepy!"

Benny: "Oh, Frida, you fall down all the time! Keep in foot, honey!"

Benny: "God, WHY are we doing this crazy photo shoot for Bravo?"

"And Björn is so cheerful!"

Björn: "Let's sing, everyone!"

Benny: "What did I say about these photos for Bravo? Now we are posing with instruments we don't know how to play!"