Friday, August 5, 2011

It's ABBA, babies!

Who doesn't like babies' pictures? They are sweet, smiling and, when they have plump cheeks and feet, they are simply irresistible! When we think about ABBA members as babies, then, we do have a great photo album.

Baby Frida was only 5 months old at that time...

Here she was a year and a half old
She was already so incredibly cute, don't you think?

Probably frightened by the photographer here...

When I saw this picture for the very first time I could only think:
"Awww, how CUTE Benny was!"

I think Benny makes women falling in love with him since he was a baby...

I got really crazy when I saw this one...

Posing for the picture with his cute younger sister, Eva-Lis

Agnetha's biting her little fat hand!

Pretty Agnetha playing among some chickens

Baby Björn looking like he is going to cry... 
I'm not sure if there are more Björn's pictures as a baby available to us, but, if they exist, unfortunately I don't know them


  1. Kareeen, a Frida era tão loirinha! Amo essas fotos *-* E o Björn bochechudinho é uma graça hahaha

    Ah, eu não poderia discordar de você: o Benny era muito fofo!


  2. Aww, these picture's are such cute! :)

    Thanks for comments on my blog, Karen. I'm happy that you like it. I love that picture with name of your blog, they looks gorgeous! ♥
    I'm fine, just thinking that do I will update some new pictures to my blog, haha!
    How about you, are you okay? :)

    Hug and kisses,

  3. Hej Karen!
    Oh, how lovely ABBA was when they were young! SO CUTE!
    Visit my new blog and follow because my old one got deleted.

  4. Ohh lindas fotos! A nossa fridinha era e é tao lindáá! A nossa Agnetita a morder a maozinha! TAO FOFAAAAAAAAA! Tinha umas bochechas tao kidas!" O bennizinho, encatador!Nem tenho palavras! O Bjorn, continua com a mesma cara de sempre, lool! Mas era tao fofinhooo! Adorei o post! Eu AMO bebes! Entao bebes ABBA! :DDDD Obrigada pelo post! Bjos Carolix

  5. Laura,

    Sorry for this late reply, but I was out for a while.
    I'm good, thanks. I've been very busy, so that I haven't had enough time to access the internet. That's why I'm going to stop with my blog for a while.
    Thank you for your very nice words about this post and my blog!


  6. Nivedha,

    Thanks for your great words about this post!
    I'm going to have a look on your blog as soon as possible. :-)


  7. Carolix,

    Muito obrigada por seu doce comentário! Peço-lhe que me perdoe apenas por essa resposta tardia... ando muito ocupada ultimamente.


  8. nao ha problema karen :)