Monday, August 9, 2010

It's wonderful to share everything

According to Benny, at the ABBA time, he couldn't stand no one who was not able to do anything with him, including traveling around the world, while he was working. Because of this, "it was wonderful to share everything with Frida". 

I realized that everything was, indeed, everything. Take a look at the pictures below and you will understand what I mean.

Hummm, Frida's wearing a very nice coat, isn't?

Ah, but who is wearing this coat now?

Benny liked so much this coat that he wore it on One Man, One Woman music clip
The question now is: Whose coat was that, Benny's or Frida's?
Or did they buy it for both of them?
It doesn't matter - for them it was wonderful to share everything!


  1. Owwwnnnn!!!! Isso me lembra um casaco que a Anna e o Bj também dividiam... Acho que vi no As Good As New... Fofo né?


  2. Hey Karen, não desisto de receber um comment lá no meu blog... PLEASE!

  3. Ah sim, foi no My Abba World que eu vi as fotos, orbigado por me lembrar. Pois é era aquela blusa mesmo. Não me lembro o que e blusa dizia, acho que vou ver a foto e conferir no Translator...


  4. Hej, Karen
    Me lembro de ter feito um post no meu flog sobre esse blusão. Sempre achei muito fofo essa 'divisão' entre a Fri e o Be. Eu acho que a peça era dele...

    Ah, não achei a Mona nem a Linda no Super Trouper. Isso tá pior do que "Onde está o Wally?".


  5. May be Frida s coat?

    Congratulations for this excelent Blog Karen!

    l m happy you are also now my friend in facebook.

    Hope you are OK.Gustavo Berenyi (Mahler 1817)

  6. Hello, Gustavo!

    I'm fine, how are you? Thank you so much for your vey kind words about my blog!

    About the coat... I can only say it's a great mistery!