Sunday, March 28, 2010

Modified pictures

I modified some ABBA, Frida and Benny & Frida pictures in Photoshop, though I'm not coping very well with this program...

What do you think of the results?

The original of this picture you can see on Frida and her beautiful dresses


The original of this beautiful photo is also on Frida and her beautiful dresses

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vallentuna and Lidingö

This is a Home Sweet Home's continuation, in which I published several photos of Benny and Frida's houses in Vallentuna and Lidingö. In that post, most of the pictures I had posted were taken outside the houses, so now I am including more photos of their inside ones. 

Benny and Frida in the living room of their house in Vallentuna, in 1972

The couple are playing together, in 1974.
What catches my eye in this picture are the photos hanging on the wall: a beautiful Benny and Frida's photo and, below that, a young Benny's picture

Benny: "Haha, I'm winning!"
Note Frida's heart pendant

Benny is playing, he cannot take his eyes off Frida, though...

I don't know if this picture was taken in Benny and Frida's house in Lidingö, but I know it's the same house of the photos with Frida and books, in Anni-Frid and books

About this, I am sure: this is an image of Lidingö's house from 1980. In fact, they aren't inside the house, but in front of it, in whose door we can note an identification device.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Frida and a new album

I just saw on Mikory ABBA blog this incredible news: in an interview to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, done on the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame's night, Frida commented she is recording songs with a musician (who, however, she didn't reveal) to a new album, which will be released eventually...

I really hope our Princess can enchant us again with her angelical voice! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame's cerimony pictures!

As I promised, today I am publishing more Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame's cerimony pictures, with our great ABBA couple receiving well-deserved honors to ABBA, among others.

Benny and Frida are interviewed by journalists before the award


Benny with a very funny expression while he's looking at Frida

The couple with their prizes

Frida thanks for the prize...

... and then it's Benny's turn

Frida and Benny so close...

That's great we can see them toasting together again!

Benny and Frida at Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame!

Until now, I've got three Benny and Frida's pictures at the cerimony and a video of an interview with them about ABBA's homage at Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame.

Tomorrow, when I get more photos, I'll publish them!

Benny's looking at some journalists

Monday, March 15, 2010

ABBA at Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame

Tonight, Monday 15, the cerimony of ABBA's induction at Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame is taking place at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, in New York City. Of the four original band members, only Benny Andersson and his former wife, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, are going to attend the event, since Agnetha Fältskog is currently unable to fly while Björn Ulvaeus is busy with family matters.

"I see that as a great honor", said Benny in a recent interview. "We're a great pop band and there is a difference between pop music and rock and roll. To be included at Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame wasn't in our plans. But there are many other pop bands who have achieved this".

Besides ABBA, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, The Hollies and The Stooges are going to be honored.

Now we just have to wait for this cerimony! And, tomorrow, I'll post its pictures!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Frida in a 1979 interview

Anni-Frid is not jealous - interview originally published on Dutch magazine Hitkrant, in March 1979

Mrs. Andersson, who was still called Miss Lyngstad until recently, is tired. Indeed, a trip from Stockholm to the Swiss winter sports resort Leysin is certainly not a walk in the park. And on top of that, you have to appear in front of the BBC television cameras immediately after your arrival, and right after that an exhausting press conference. Oh, well, that's life when your name is Anni-Frid and you are a singer in the group ABBA...

"Oh, my!" Frida sighs when I'm sitting opposite her in the hotel room. "This has been a terrible day. Everything went wrong". But still, she is willing to give an interview. After all, ABBA and Hitkrant are old friends.
"That's true", she says. "Back then in The Hague, we've launched the first issue of your magazine and through your readers, we've acquired a lot of new fans." There, the conversation has taken off.

Yes, the fans: you are having millions of them. How do you cope with that?
"You probably know that our Swedish fan club, that is located in the same building as our record company, is very active. We have a lot of interaction and they are doing everything they can to keep our fans informed all over the world. But privately, I get a lot of fan mail as well and I answer all the letters that I like personally".
Do you have time for that?
"Oh, well, I'm managing. Apart from that, I think that our fans simply have the right to get an answer, so I make time for it!"

Shortly before our meeting, during the press conference, somebody had asked why Anni-Frid and Benny didn't get married until recently. Her response was: "Because we never had the time for it", but I'm not falling for that.
"Oh no, that was just a simple way to give an answer. The fact is: after about ten years of living together, we felt that our relationship had become so good that we decided to get married".
Does it make any difference, marriage or living together?
"Oh, no", Frida smiles. "I think that we got married to... ehm... consolidate our relationship. Is that the right word? I think it is".

I almost forgot: I've brought a Hitkrant badge for the ABBA members.
"How nice", Frida exclaims and pins it on. "May I give the others to Benny, Björn and Agnetha or do you want to do that yourself?"
No, that's fine. And this brings me to the next question. What do you think about the fact that Agnetha is always the one who gets the most attention?
Frida smiles cordially: "Well, I'm not jealous! Look, Agnetha simply is the symbol of Sweden: blonde, young and beautiful".
The only thing you are not out of those three is blonde.
This remark is met with an enchanting smile.

Music. It's impossible to ignore this subject while talking to an ABBA member. "This business is my life", Frida says. "I can't imagine myself ever doing anything else".
Who are your favourites when it comes to music?
"The BeeGees and Earth, Wind & Fire", Frida says decisively. "And lately, I'm listening a lot to 'Jazz', the latest album by Queen. I am a Queen fan. Recently, I've seen them perform live in Stockholm and, although I prefer their records to their live performances, I still thought it was a memorable experience!"

Our conversation lasts longer than anticipated; Frida keeps talking. About ABBA's stage clothes that she designs herself most of the time. About the new album that is due to be released in the beginning of April. About ABBA's world tour that will kick off after the summer. About bad music, that she never listens to, and about her Maserati, that is not allowed to be driven at a truly high speed in Sweden. But Mrs. Andersson is tired. I get up: "Tomorrow in front of the cameras again, bright and early?"
"Oh, well", Frida says. "That's your fate when you're singing in a group like ABBA...".


Anni-Frid não é ciumenta - entrevista originalmente publicada na revista holandesa Hitkrant, em março de 1979

A sra. Andersson, que até pouco tempo atrás era chamada de senhorita Lyngstad, está cansada. De fato, uma viagem de Estocolmo ao resort suíço de esportes de inverno Leysin certamente não é um passeio pelo parque. E, além disso, você tem de aparecer em frente às câmeras de tv da BBC logo após sua chegada e depois de uma desgastante conferência de imprensa. Oh, bem, esta é a vida quando você é alguém chamado Anni-Frid e quando você é uma cantora do grupo ABBA...

"Oh, meu Deus!", Frida suspira, quando me sento à sua frente, no quarto de hotel. "Este foi um dia terrível. Tudo deu errado". Mas, ainda assim, ela se encontra disposta a dar uma entrevista. Afinal, ABBA e Hitkrant são velhos amigos.
"É verdade", ela diz. "Naquela época, em The Hague, nós lançamos a primeira edição de sua revista e, através de seus leitores, adquirimos muitos novos fãs". Aí, a conversa ganha impulso.

Sim, os fãs: você tem milhões deles. Como lida com isso?
"Você provavelmente sabe que o nosso fã-clube sueco, o qual se encontra situado no mesmo edifício que nossa gravadora, é muito ativo. Nós interagimos muito uns com os outros e eles fazem tudo o que podem para manter informados nossos fãs mundo afora. Mas, privadamente, eu também recebo muitas cartas de fãs e respondo a todas de que gosto em especial".
Você tem tempo para isso?
"Oh, bem, eu me organizo. Além disso, acredito que nossos fãs simplesmente têm o direito de obter uma resposta, de modo que arranjo tempo para tanto!" 

Pouco antes de nossa reunião, durante a conferência de imprensa, alguém indagara o porquê de Anni-Frid e Benny não terem se casado até recentemente. Sua resposta foi: "Porque nós nunca tivemos tempo para isso", mas eu não acreditei.
"Oh, não, esta foi apenas uma maneira simples de dar uma resposta. A verdade é que, após cerca de dez anos de convivência, sentimos que nosso relacionamento tornara-se tão bom, que decidimos nos casar".
Faz alguma diferença casar ou viver junto?
"Oh, não", sorri Frida. "Acho que nos casamos para... hum... consolidar nossa relação. É esta a palavra certa? Acredito que sim".

Eu quase me esqueci: trouxe um crachá Hitkrant para os membros do ABBA.
"Que bonito", exclama Frida e o coloca. "Posso dá-los a Benny, Björn e Agnetha ou você mesmo quer fazer isso?"
Não, tudo bem. E isso me leva à pergunta seguinte. O que você pensa sobre o fato de Agnetha ser sempre aquela que recebe a maior atenção?
Frida sorri cordialmente: "Bem, não tenho ciúmes! Veja, Agnetha é simplesmente o símbolo da Suécia: loira, jovem e bonita".
A única coisa fora da qual você está é o loira.
Essa observação é recebida com um sorriso encantador.

Música. É impossível ignorar tal assunto ao falar com um membro do ABBA. "Este negócio é minha vida", diz Frida. "Não posso me imaginar fazendo qualquer outra coisa".
Quem são seus favoritos, quando se trata de música?
"Os BeeGees e Earth, Wind & Fire", diz, decisiva. "E, ultimamente, tenho ouvido muito 'Jazz', o último álbum do Queen. Sou uma fã do Queen. Há pouco tempo, eu os vi ao vivo em Estocolmo e, embora eu prefira as gravações às suas performances, essa foi uma experiência memorável!"

Nossa conversa dura mais do que o previsto; Frida continua falando. Sobre as roupas de palco do ABBA, desenhadas por ela, em sua maioria. Sobre o novo álbum da banda que deverá ser lançado no início de abril. Sobre a turnê mundial do grupo, a qual se iniciará após o verão. Sobre música ruim, que ela nunca escuta, e sobre seu Musarati, que não pode ser dirigido em alta velocidade na Suécia. Mas a sra. Andersson está cansada. Eu me levanto: "Amanhã estará em frente às câmeras de novo, bem cedo?"
"Oh, bem", diz Frida. "Esta é sua sina quando você canta em um grupo como o ABBA...".

Text in English from blog ABBA The Articles Blog

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frida's autographs

Is there any Frida fan who has never wanted to have a Frida autograph?

Particularly, I've always thought her signatures was very nice, due to her zealous handwriting and the lovely heart she always put in them. By the way, her heart is a trademark, as you can see on her autographs below.

An Anni-Frid's autograph of 1974

A picture with a Frida's autograph, showing her signing autographs for fans!

She's absolutely gorgeous in this picture from 2003

Monday, March 1, 2010

In Stockholm, in their early years...

Do you remember the post ABBA in their early years? Along with the article I brought you there, Bravo magazine took several pictures, which haven't been published with the article, though. Below you may find some of those photos of a time the band wasn't pretty well-known worldwide.  

The group walking down Stockholm's streets

Benny and Björn are playing on the streets of the Swedish capital, watched by Frida and Agnetha

It seems they were having a really good time

Frida's enjoying the summer with an ice-cream 

Note the nice cameo holding Frida's headscarf