Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'll cross the stream...

As typical Swedish, Benny, Frida, Agnetha and Björn really enjoyed boating, as the following pictures show.

During the summer of 1972

Again in 1972

During the summer of 1974

In 1975

In 1976

During the summer of 1977

During the summer of 1978

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Björn!!!

I don't believe today Björn turns 65! He still looks so young! I hope in this special day he can enjoy much peace, health and happiness among all those he loves.
A very happy birthday, Björn!!!

He is so different in this photo from the 60's!

In 1974, with one of his famous ABBA costumes

In Dancing Queen's clip, in 1976

Björn, today

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tributes to Frida

Long ago I made the photos' montages below, but only now I'm posting them here, on my blog. They consist in tributes to Frida that I did in Paint program.

My works are very simple, but I do hope you can appreciate them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny in 1974

Enjoy these funny photos, taken in 1974, during an ABBA promotional visit to the USA.   

"What are you looking at?" 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ABBA in Switzerland

On February 1979, ABBA went to Switzerland, where the band made a TV special called ABBA in Switzerland, held in Leysin. On this program, ABBA performed the songs Take A Chance On Me, The King Has Lost His Crown, The Name Of The Game, Eagle, Mamma Mia, Hole In Your Soul, Kisses Of Fire, Lovers (Live A Little Longer), Chiquitita, Does Your Mother Know and Thank You For The Music, promoting with many of them their new album, Voulez Vous, still unreleased at that time.

During that visit, ABBA recorded Chiquitita promo video, produced by BBC, which was also included in this special. I selected some of the photos and videos of this here. I hope you like it!

The group soon after the arrival in Switzerland

Performing Lovers (Live A Little Longer)

The girls sing the touching Chiquitita

Does Your Mother Know
 Note Björn's enthusiastic way to dance 

The band make a little introduction before the performance of The King Has Lost His Crown 

ABBA at a ski resort
Benny and Frida look SO tired...

Björn and Agnetha were divorced at that time, but it's great to see they were still great friends, playing together

Benny skiing

At the Leysin ice-rink

ABBA with someone else

Ohh, this photo is definitely one of the best
Benny's sweetly supporting his head on Frida's chest - probably with the intention of helping her to remain on her feet -, while Agnetha is almost sitting on the ice...

Frida falling...

... and, finally, on the floor!
I love Frida's clumsy way - maybe because I identify myself with it


This couple was very attached to each other, indeed!

Anna is almost falling...

... she's already on the floor, but Björn keeps trying to stand up...  

Well, he didn't get it!

Following, some of the best ABBA performances in that special (in my opinion):


The King Has Lost His Crown

Kisses Of Fire

Thank You For The Music

On ice - they're absolutely funny on it!