Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tropical Loveland

Do you know ABBA's true Tropical Loveland? It's the Viggsö island! There the couples Anni-Frid & Benny and Björn & Agnetha, as well as their children, used to spend a really good time with lots of love and fun. It's remarkable that there Benny and Björn also got inspiration to compose some of the group's greatest hits, such as Dancing Queen and Fernando.

Based on the big influence the Viggsö island had on ABBA, I'm going to make some posts devoted to it. Today I'm starting with some of the pictures taken during the group's day off on the island. Enjoy!

ABBA enjoying a playday

ABBA and Linda having a picnic
Frida seems to be really hungry, doesn't she?!

Benny and Frida having a nice conversation during their free time

Linda doesn't seem to be enjoying her life vest very much...

Björn's probably showing to Benny the route they should take, while Agnetha and Frida are playing with a happy little Linda

The group on another playday on the island


  1. Eles passaram bons momentos em Viggsö e a ilha foi muito inspiradora para os guris. Podemos ver pelos sucessos que eles compuseram lá!

    A sexta foto de baixo pra cima eu nunca havia visto. Muito fofa *-*
    E a das gurias juntas também.

    Hoje fiz um post que acho que vc vai gostar.


    P.S.: Amo essa foto que voce colocou como banner, acho que o blog ficou mais bonito ;)

  2. Cool, rare photos, Linda was soo cute...

    By the way, Love the banner ; ))


  3. Yes, Linda was very cute. :D
    Thanks for your comment, Ellie!


  4. Ahhh, realmente bons tempos!
    Há muitas fotos raras que nunca vi antes.
    A ilha devia ser um lugar especial para os meninos comporem muitas de suas melhores canções lá ;-)
    As fotos com a Linda são bem fofas <3 Ela devia gostar do lugar também.
    ...E será que "Tropical Loveland" não estava falando sobre a ilha mesmo? ;-) Haha, talvez...


  5. I really love pictures where they're boating in archipelago. Lovely summer and islands makes me remember my home country, Finland's summers. Finland's archipelago looks same like Sweden's.

    And picture where they eat; you're right, Frida looks very hungry, haha! :-D

  6. when i was a kid, and at the family vacation. Our vacation time was always filled with cars around the island of Java while listening to Abba songs. good memories with my father who has now gone.
    really memories that I have never forgotten.
    greeting familiar with,
    thanks for the blog

  7. wow...they look really young...great memory