Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vallentuna and Lidingö

This is a Home Sweet Home's continuation, in which I published several photos of Benny and Frida's houses in Vallentuna and Lidingö. In that post, most of the pictures I had posted were taken outside the houses, so now I am including more photos of their inside ones. 

Benny and Frida in the living room of their house in Vallentuna, in 1972

The couple are playing together, in 1974.
What catches my eye in this picture are the photos hanging on the wall: a beautiful Benny and Frida's photo and, below that, a young Benny's picture

Benny: "Haha, I'm winning!"
Note Frida's heart pendant

Benny is playing, he cannot take his eyes off Frida, though...

I don't know if this picture was taken in Benny and Frida's house in Lidingö, but I know it's the same house of the photos with Frida and books, in Anni-Frid and books

About this, I am sure: this is an image of Lidingö's house from 1980. In fact, they aren't inside the house, but in front of it, in whose door we can note an identification device.