Friday, November 5, 2010


On November 5th, 1976, ABBA-Dabba-Doo was aired in Sweden. It was the first Swedish television special devoted to ABBA, which was largely filmed on the Viggsö island. The special featured interviews with each ABBA members and with the whole group, as well as performances of some of their most recently songs. Tiger, When I Kissed The Teacher and My Love, My Life (this one only with Agnetha) had promo clips especially made for the special.  

Below, you can enjoy some pictures from ABBA-Dabba-Doo and the special itself with the interviews, the promo clips and the performances.

The foursome enjoying the nice weather on Sweden's summer on the lovely Viggsö island

Like children at a playground

 Frida, Frida, Frida...
You can also see this picture and other funny ones here

My ABBA-Dabba-Doo's favorite picture

Laughing a lot

ABBA giving an interview

Another interview, at the TV studio this time

The special


  1. Nice post, Karen! I wish it was summer here. :P Frida looks very stunning in all of them. Great post! =D

  2. Hej, Karen!
    Só imagino o tamanho do texto que você escreveu pra Frida ano passado. Mas este ano eu tive mais coisas a dizer e, falando em como fiquei feliz com "Morning Has Broken", acabei esquecendo de dizer "Happy Birthday"!Embora ainda não seja de fato o aniver dela.. XD

    Adoro essas entrevistas, principalmente as da Anna e da Frida. Elas estão muiito fofas! ;)


  3. This is very interesting show of them, so thank you for sharing this! :--)

    Lovely Viggsö-island remind me of finnish summer and island where located my summercottage. ♥

  4. this was a great year for ABBA and both Agnetha and especially Frida look stunning!

  5. Frida,

    Yes, that's right! 1976 was the best year for ABBA.
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Agnetha wowww she's amazing i love her thanks for the videos!!!!