Saturday, May 14, 2011

Different roles

ABBA members can play different roles of those ones we are used to witness. Indeed, the Anni-Frid, Agnetha, Björn and Benny are very versatile artists. So let's see some of their different musical talents...

"Music is my life"
Frida plays the piano since she was a little girl. Once she told that reading and playing the piano used to be her main hobbies, when she was a child
In 1984, Frida proved her talent as a composer, when she wrote both the lyrics and the music for one of her most famous solo songs, Don't Do It

Just like her friend, Agnetha has the same talent - actually she composed a great amount of songs at the piano at a very young age

But I didn't know that Björn could play the piano until I saw this picture!

And Benny can sing! 
He thinks his voice is horrible, but that's nonsense...
Just hear the audio of this video and you'll see how nice he sounds 

I'd like to apologize for not being doing many posts lately. I have really been quite busy, but I promise I'll be back soon to post here more often

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  1. Lindo post! Nao sabia que a nossa Fridoca e que o Bjorn sabiam tocar piano! :) Linda fotos!