Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mamma Mia! in Brazil

Mamma Mia! is now here, in Brazil! The premiere of the most famous musical in the world took place today at Teatro Abril, in São Paulo. As the tradition says, the songs of the musical were translated into the language of our country, so we can see Mamma Mia! in Portuguese. The most proeminent actors and actresses of the show are Kiara Sasso (Donna), Pati Amoroso (Sophie), Saulo Vasconcelos (Sam) and Andressa Massei (Rosie). They will perform the musical until December 19th.

Well, I hope I go to São Paulo as soon as I can to see the musical!

Kiara Sasso (Donna) and Pati Amoroso (Sophie)

A perfomance of the Brazilian musical

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