Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Winner Takes It All

The famous cat suits worn by ABBA between 1975 and 1976 were the costumes of the band most rated in the last poll held on my blog. This post, therefore, is a tribute to these funny costumes, which became one of ABBA trademarks.

(I have to confess I also enjoy those clothing, although my favorite ones are Fernando costumes...)
Pictures taken in France, in 1975:

A photo taken in Denmark, also in 1975:

Below, some pictures taken in 1975, in a photo shoot done during ABBA stay in Holland - for more on this, go to the post ABBA in Holland, in 1975:

 Funny Agnetha

During a performance on a TV show

Some pictures from concerts from ABBA 1975 tour - if you want to see more pictures from this, go to the post ABBA on 1975 tour:


In Norway, in August 1975:

Oh, this was one of the first ABBA pictures I got, after I have become a fan of the group, in 2008

Performing in Momarkedet

In Germany, in 1975:


In London:

In the USA:

Frida & Agnetha

Pictures from the special that ABBA did to the Australian TV, in 1976:


  1. Those legs!!! Those beautiful ladies!!!WOW!!!

  2. Great Photos! I Love Them All! Those outfits are very cool! Kisses!

  3. Hehe, yes, you´re right, Monica: Frida and Agnetha were (and still are) beautiful!!! And their legs always surprise me, because today we don´t see anymore women with legs so wonderful - and without cellulite! :D


  4. Thank you, Danny! I also love these clothes. In fact, if I didn´t have voted on "Fernando" costumes, I would have voted on cat suits.

    Kisses to you too!

  5. Quase 40 fotos, é ter paciência, hein?
    Karen, vou te contar uma coisa... geralmente as opções nas quais eu voto nas tuas enquetes ganham, e eu acho que há um motivo: eu aproveito que a cada dia uso um pc para votar várias vezes! XD


  6. Yes Karen, Agnetha and Frida are REAL women not like these thin twigs nowadays!!! :o) Women are meant to have some curves to them not straight up and down like a skelaten.

  7. Lovely pictures & great memories.

  8. i loved Abba and I have 16 years old!!!!
    My favorite is Agnetha, her voice is magic and is so beautiful. Thanks for this site!!

  9. Cinthia,

    Thanks for your nice words! I'm glad you liked my work here.

  10. Hi !
    I'm french, I'm 14 years old and I love ABBA
    I love Frida !!

    Au revoir and thanks for the site !!