Thursday, February 16, 2012

Because Valentine's Day is everyday

If you liked the post I made for Valentine's Day, you may also like this one with Benny and Frida's even rarer pictures. After all, if everyday is a Valentine's Day, everyday should also be a Benny and Frida's love celebration.

Benny and Frida at the premiere of Bond in 1971
Notice it is not a James Bond movie, but a cigarette brand!

Most of ABBA fans may know this lovely picture...

... but what about this one, even better?!
They're looking so relaxed and amused here!

Posing for a photo in 1975
I like the way Benny was always bonded to Frida 

Benny and Frida enjoying the sun by the pool in 1976
Note that Frida has a band-aid on her chest!


  1. Awesome! How many rare pictures of Benny and Frida I can find here?! Thank you very much! Your blog is really good, girl (:

    1. Cassie,

      Thank you for this nice comment! I'm really happy to bring you Benny and Frida's pictures you'd never seen before. It's important to me to know I still bring new things to ABBA fans. :-)