Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's celebrate love!

Guess what?! This is Valentine's Day

To celebrate this, I'm bringing you some quite unusual Benny and Frida's pictures, in which this ABBA couple were enjoying a really good time together. 

The couple in the early 1970s

Benny and Frida singing - and almost kissing each other - during a concert from ABBA 1977 Tour

Enjoying their free time in 1978
This one is specially lovely, although its size and quality aren't very good...

Even though they were close to their divorce at that time, they did seem really lovely here...
Thanks to Karine, from ABBA Joy, for this picture

A joyful couple in another picture from 1980

This one was taken in late 1980... it's still a great memory, though


  1. the 3rd and 4th photo are soo cute! i think this blog is definnalty the most lighthearted and best ABBA blog running. I wish my old ABBA blog was as good as this one! well done Karen : )))

    1. Ellie,

      I'm really happy to know that my blog has so much meaning for so many people. It proves that I'm doing here a good job, which brings something new to my readers. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      I do think you've done a great job on your blog. Indeed, you should continue posting on it as you used to do. There you really showed me unknown and beautiful pictures.