Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fernando costumes

Some time ago, I did a poll asking which ABBA costumes were my readers' favorites. The cat suits were the winners, as you can see on the post The Winner Takes It All. Although I also like these ones, I had another favorite costumes - the famous Fernando ones -, so I'm posting here some pictures devoted to them. 

ABBA in Fernando promo video

ABBA singing Fernando in the British TV show Top of the Pops in 1976

Delicate flowers adorned these Swedish traditional costumes

Again singing Fernando
Note Benny and Björn looking to their beloved ones 

During the Australian TV special the group did in 1976

I wonder why the girls were barefoot...

Frida looking like a doll here!


  1. I really love their Fernando costumes. So simply and clear!

  2. Yes, no doubt, those clothes are very adorable.
    Thanks for the comment, Laura.

  3. Lindo post!
    As roupas de Fernando são realmente adoráveis!
    ... Mas também não entendo porque as garotas ficavam descalças sempre que as usavam...

  4. Pois é, Fernanda, isso é um mistério...
    Obrigada por comentar!

  5. my favourite song Chquitita. Almost ABBA's songs I Like

    1. Chiquitita is one of my favorite ABBA songs too. :-)