Saturday, January 15, 2011

They are our inspiration

It is remarkable how many ABBA fans still feel a special affection for Benny and Frida, even though they have been divorced since 1981. Some people may argue that they might have had fights and disagreements, in their final years together, but I ask you: are there any normal couples who have never passed through some sort of crisis in their relationships? What may differ the aforementioned ABBA couple from others is not the obstacles that certainly appeared in their relationship, but the way they chose to deal with them. I am really sorry that, at the end of the line, they could not have managed to guide their love by its purest and strongest principles - communication and understanding -, I am sure they can still remember their great moments of fondness, confidence, support and complicity, though. Also, I will not deny I have always believed the affection they felt for each other is still alive. After all, as all of us may certainly see, they were, first of all, best friends, which is, at the same time, the main reason their relationship should not have been such abruptly interrupted and their love story is still so pleasant and lasting for many of their fans.

Inspired by this, as I love doing video tributes for them, I bring you here my newest one, which I did with the amazing Chicago's You're The Inspiration. Let's celebrate a great love!

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