Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I wonder...

The picture below have always been very curious for me. After all, how could Björn, Agnetha, Frida and Benny be portrayed exactly the same way as the photos in their hands? If this photo had been taken today, I wouldn't be surprised, since the visual effects are very developed. But the situation was very different in 1979...


  1. Yes, Karen it was my first question, too. When I saw this picture. In the year of the photo "the situaton was different" so different.
    I hope, somebody knows the answer, and will share with us.

  2. You can see the photo's are not exactly alike look at Agnetha's mouth in the photo she has above her head it is slightly off.

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  4. Eu sempre me encantei com essa foto. Parabéns pra quem deu este efeito, qualidade muito boa.


  5. Hi, Monica! Sorry for this late reply!

    I agree with you: Agnetha´s mouth, in the picture she holds in her hands, is, in fact, a bit different. But, if we´ll look for the pictures in the hands of the other three, we will not see the same thing, because their faces are exactly equal. So, this photo continues be a mysterious to me...

    Thanks for your comment!