Monday, November 9, 2009

ABBA on 1979 tour

On this post you can see a select of some of my favorite ABBA 1977 Tour pictures. They were taken in different countries like England and the USA.

Björn & Agnetha were divorced, but seemed really well with each other.

A truly united group

Performing Hole In Your Soul

The scenario with pyramids alluding to the Swedish glaciers

I really don't understand why so many people believe Agnetha wasn't very excited on stage...
Frida could dance a little more, but I think both of the girls were joyful on ABBA tours


Funny Frida's performing Why Did It Have To Be Me? with Björn

Agnetha's singing with Benny

A dreamy Frida

Ah, if this shoe came out of her foot...

Frida's singing I Have A Dream

The most beautiful Frida picture in this tour for me, because of her lovely attention to the fans

Agnetha's singing passionately

The enthusiastic Anna

The Agnetha's cat eyes call attention in this picture




  1. Oh, Karen, que fotos maravilhosas dessa turnê! Agnetha estava radiante no palco, mas ontem mesmo li um artigo que me comoveu, onde ela dizia que nos bastidores dessa turnê ela se sentia um náufraga... :(
    Mas, realmente, no palco a atmosfera do grupo era muito boa! Adorei!

  2. Oi, Karen.
    Fico feliz quando posto fotos inéditas para alguém. ;)


    As gurias estavam muito linda na turnê de 1979, né?


  3. Karen, pesquisei "agnetha in stage" no Google images e...terceira imagem debaixo para cima!