Monday, September 20, 2010

In London with a little fan

In November 1976, ABBA did a promotional tour in London. In one of the days of the tour, ABBA took some pictures with a cute little new friend. In fact, it seemed Agnetha felt in love with him! Take a look at this in the pictures below.

ABBA with a cute guy
Agnetha enjoys her new little friend very much, isn't it?

Hummm, but it seems that guy really liked Frida!

Well, in fact, he liked both girls

He's a true mischievous guy!


  1. Tadinhos dos guris, foram deixados de lado XD
    Mas muito fofo esse bichinho. A cara da Fri na segunda foto, tri feliz.

  2. Haha, these pictures are very funny and great!
    Frida's smile in second picture is something what I like.

    Thanks for sharing these! :--)

  3. Great pictures, this is a great photosession!

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