Thursday, September 9, 2010

More beautiful dresses and skirts

Last year I did a post called She has a personal style. At the time, I did a selection of some pictures of Frida's most fashionable dresses, worn by her at different periods, especially during ABBA years.

Once I enjoyed doing that post very much, I decided to do a continuation, with more pictures showing beautiful dresses and also skirts worn by our dear ABBA girl.

Frida is wearing a nice dress in the late 1960s

It's Frida's most beautiful dress for me!
 I had already posted some photos of this one on my previous post, so you may go to its link above to see them 

Frida with her gorgeous white dress during a performance for Disco, a German TV show, in 1975

Frida and Benny posing on the stairs of their apartment in Old Town, Stockholm

The most beautiful dress and the most beautiful love
I'm too romantic today, am I not?

An adorable skirt worn by Frida in a photo shoot from 1977
But the most adorable here is Benny wrapping his arms around Frida... 
You can see more Frida's pictures with this skirt and you can know more about that photo session here

Frida in a fantastic - and funny - photo session done for the magazine Damernas in 1980

 Here and below, we can see something from Benny and Frida's house in Lidingö, where the couple lived between December 1976 and February 1981

My favorite dress from this session
Through the pictures of this photo shoot, we can note Frida used to wear beautiful old-fashioned dresses 
This is my style in a certain way too!

With a stylish red blouse and a beautiful black skirt in 1984

Lady Frida at Mamma Mia! premiere in Moscow in 2006

 And, to finish, our Princess in a Real dress


  1. I think that the 8th picture posted is a rare picture of frida in her wedding dress from when she married Benny. Well someone told me that once anyway...

  2. Oh, really, Ellie?!
    Yes, it could be truth, but it's strange to make a dress for a wedding without guests! I mean, who could see the dress? No one!

    Anyway, thanks for that curious information, Ellie!

  3. Não sou muito de vestidos, mas me encanta o que está no topo do post e a saia de 77, da foto com Benny.
    Ah, sim, o vestido de princesa é lindo demais ;)

  4. Ah, mas que bela coleção de vestidos!
    Também achei a da primeira foto adorável, assim como o de 1975 ("The Best" ;-).
    Também gosto muito do estilo de 1984, não sei por que essa roupa "à moda espanhola" me chama tanta atenção...
    Mas ela em seu vestido real... é realmente muito lindo!
    (Também andei vendo seu post anterior, os vestidos são incríveis!)


  5. OH MY GOD! have you heard frida's new song 'morning has broken'. Absolutly amazing!!!

  6. Yes, I have thought that song marvellous! Frida's voice always enchants us with its beauty and tenderness.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!