Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's laugh a little bit more

I loved doing the posts Let's laugh and Let's laugh a little more, so I thought about making one more post for the ABBA funniest pictures. Let's enjoy it!

Great Britain can count on ABBA...

... isn't it, Frida?

Look at Benny's face!

 Young Benny and Björn playing like children...
Well, for these two it isn't really unusual, is it?

"Awww, those handsome men..."

Björn: "God, will I have to cook live?!"
Benny: "What are we doing here? I want to play the piano now!"

I think Benny got a headache after this...


ABBA could still have fun, even though that time wasn't so joyful for them anymore... 

Frida and Anna: "We are gonna fall!"

Is it just me or does Benny really resemble here a little boy hiding himself behind his mother (who Frida would be in this case)?

Frida and her complicated shoe...
Benny almost could help her!

The great love from a wife to her husband...

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  1. Hej, Karen!
    Tadinha da Fri na primeira foto! XD
    Eu nunca havia visto essa foto do Benny e do Björn na cozinha. Será que eles cozinharam mesmo?? HIHI