Saturday, March 26, 2011


No, this title does not refer to the famous Benny and Björn's 1980s musical. I'm just talking about a pretty well-known and charming ABBA photo session done in 1977. Below, I present you with some of its pictures, which may be found in a lot of old newspapers and magazines articles about the group as well as in a lot of sites and blogs devoted to the band. 

Everyone is very stylish in this photo shoot

Did you notice that Agnetha changed her shoes?
I mean, on the pictures above and also on the pictures below, she's wearing red boots

Benny, Frida, and their so-in-love style

Björn, Agnetha and their so-practical style...

Oh, and here's another famous ABBA couple!
Ops, I mean... ABBA pair

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  1. AH, como eu amo essas fotos. Aliás, uma delas foi usada no pôster do show em Paris de 79, e também é a capa do single da primeira versão de Take A Chance On Me, como eu ví no meu Singles Collection. Abraço! ;P