Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have told I love ABBA not only because of their great musical talent, but also - or mainly - because of their kind, honest and simple way to be themselves, in spite of their fantastic success worldwide. I guess I've forgotten to mention another great deal, though - their playful side!

Yes, we cannot forget it. Have you ever counted how many times you've seen ABBA pictures in which they're playing in parks or playing tricks on each other? Not to mention those photos with lots of stuffed animals as if they were children... 

So what do you think of enjoying another sample of their funny spirit? Let's go!

I love this picture
I'm sure they were having a great time that day

Here the four were especially funny...

Hmm, it seems Björn's requesting Benny's help to play

This photo shoot itself is a joke...

Yes, Frida was very playful and funny, but she has always been a very absent-minded and awkward person - note I'm not criticizing her, also because I identify myself a lot with her -, so I don't know if I should call what she's doing here just as a playful thing
For me it's a Frida's absent-minded moment

Frida's apparently refusing to say goodbye

Playing house
May it was Linda's doll house?

What an ugly bear!
But... erm... it looks like Agnetha really liked him

Björn already knows what you're about to do, Benny!

Agnetha: "Let's dance, Björn!"
Björn: "Ahn..."

I remember when I saw this photo for the first time and I thought it was a montage...
But then I found out it wasn't
It seems Björn is really enjoying his new partner, since he's holding her waist romantically...
Just kidding!

Frida: "Take a look at my muscles!"
Agnetha: "♪♫♪♫..."

It looks like somebody told a great joke

I can only imagine how angry Agnetha got when she saw her kitchen devasted by these two men...
Frida should have given an earful on Benny by messing their best friends' kitchen!

And their tricks are still going on nowadays!


  1. Hej, Karen!
    Excelente seleção de fotos!
    Amo a da casinha de bonecas e a debaixo, onde a Anna beija o ursão.

    Essa da troca de casais é clásica, sem comentários, adoro *-*


  2. Eu que agradeço o comentário, Karen. A Frida nos trouxe excelentes notícias essa semana e continua a simpatia e charme de sempre... Ai, ai...


  3. Eles sao mt bricalhoes! ADORO TODAS AS FOTOS! Mt divertido. Aquela troca de casais.. Eles estao a dar mesmo beijo??