Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crazy for you

This is a post for Benny and Frida's fans who use to jump off the chair every time they find out a new picture of the couple - just like me.

Do you remember what I wished in Young love?
I was so happy when I found out this picture!

The couple around 1974

Arriving in Poland in 1976

During their interview on the Swedish TV show Nöjesliv in 1977

During their participation on a German TV show in 1978

On the balcony of their house in Lidingö in 1978

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  1. Wow, Karen! Eu nunca tinha visto a primeira foto, é muito fofa! *-* Esses dias encontrei uma foto nova (pra mim) do Benny e da Frida, acho que de 80, vou te mandar se eu não postar logo, acho que tu vai gostar ;)