Friday, November 11, 2011

Enjoying them once again

As I promissed, here's the continuation for Don't you enjoy them?.

ABBA in Brighton, England, one day after the band's victory in Eurovision Song Contest in 1974

ABBA at studio with some - I guess - fan in 1975

This picture was taken at the time of ABBA 1975 Tour

At a concert from their 1977 Tour
It looks like Benny is lost with his accordeon...

ABBA beautifully pictured in London in 1978

ABBA with the TV presenter Franck Pourcel in 1978

The band having some drinks with Franck

ABBA with a (lucky!) fan in Germany in 1978

A nice picture from the band's 1979 Tour...

... and another amazing one, probably by a fan


  1. Bah, Karen, quantas fotos raras. Adorei a quinta e a sexta, acredito que, pelas roupas, sejam da mesma ocasião.


  2. Karine,

    A quinta e a sexta também são as minhas favoritas! :D


  3. aih! Fotos tão lindas! A primeira, a quinta e a sexta são as minhas perferidas!Que amores! *__* Adorei o post! Obrigada Karen! Bjinhos da Carolix