Saturday, February 5, 2011

More funny ABBA

Some time ago I did the posts Let's laugh, Let's laugh a little more and Let's laugh a little bit more with a lot of funny ABBA photos. I know this kind of pictures pleases ABBA fans, in general, and I confess it's not different with me!

So let's enjoy some more funny pictures!

"Oh God, I forgot the chorus of I Have A Dream... again!"

"What are you looking at? This snack is mine, ONLY MINE!"

Hey, Agnetha, what's up?

Benny is not very... erm... very well here...
If you know what I mean...

"No, please, I'm at this party to have fun! I will not sing here! And stop with this 'When will ABBA reform?'"

Frida: "Oh, is it not the verse I really try to make it out yet?
Benny (talking to himself): "Be patient, Benny, be patient..." 

Frida: "WHAT?!"
Benny: "So when you're near me darling can't you hear me, S.O.S.!"

Björn: "Come on, Benny, let's shrink the belly for the picture!"

"Oh my, that's it! I will buy these glasses, they are perfect for my glasses collection!"

"Yeah, I love sunglasses, ANY PROBLEM?"

Benny: "You are the Dancing Queennnn, young and sweet only seventeennnnn!!!"
Agnetha (thinking): "God, Benny is singing too loud again..."

Benny: "Like an image passing by, my love, my life, in the mirror of your eyes, my love, my life..."
"Do you like my beautiful red nails?"

"What about my pink ones?"

"This is a gorgeous purple polish that suits incredibly well with my hair and makeup, don't you think?"
Just kidding, Frida, I also love painting my nails!


  1. Haj, Karen!
    Acho que vc tem razão a saturação das cores pode ter interferido no meu comentário. E eu tbm achei MUITO fofo Benny e Frida terem estofado o sofá juntinhos... ai, ai... xD

    Haha, What's UP, Agnetha?
    Essa 'bela' foto eu nunca tinha visto.


  2. Karen!
    Eu não gostaria de ter aquilo em casa O.o
    Hahahaha A não ser como busto de boneca como a Line lembrou no comment anterior, então não seria TÃO estranho...

    E a foto UP da Anna é bem divertida, sim ;)


  3. Esqueci de dizer que encontrei as fotos no ABBA 4 Ever, o fórum!


  4. "This snack is mine, ONLY MINE!"
    Nossa, essa e o "WHY?" me deixaram até com um medinho... XD
    Agnetha também está bem interessante na foto "up" ;-)
    E pobre Benny no estúdio XD


  5. Ahahahah :D Karen, sabe qual eu mais gosto? A que o Benny tá entre a Frida e a Agnetha com os olhos fechados! Tá demais mesmo!
    Nunca mais te vi on line no msn :(
    Beijão, amiga :)

  6. Adorei as fotos da Anna, principalmente as em que ela interage com os óculos vermelhos e os divertidos... Abraço ;P