Monday, January 9, 2012

Being successful isn't easy

ABBA had a really hard work with lots of rehearsals for TV shows and world tours. Below you can see some of the band's most popular performances with their respective rehearsals. 

ABBA during a concert from their 1977 Tour...

... and during their hard - or funny? - work before that 

Playing Take A Chance On Me on German TV show Am Laufenden Band in 1978...
I like their entrance on the stage!

... and enjoying themselves during their rehearsal for it

ABBA performing Money, Money, Money on the French TV show Top Club France in 1978...

... and during their rehearsal before it

Performing He Is Your Brother and Chiquitita on UNICEF's beautiful charity concert, "UNICEF - A Gift of Songs", in January 1979 (exactly 33 years ago)...

... and having a good time together before the special

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  1. Que linda essa foto da Frida nos ensaios da Austrália, nunca a tinha visto ;)